G0i Business How to Choose the Right Commercial Floor Mat with Logo for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Commercial Floor Mat with Logo for Your Business

Are you looking for a way to enhance your business’s branding? Do you want to ensure every customer who walks through your door remembers your name long after they leave? Look no further than commercial floor mats with logos! Not only do these mats serve as an effective marketing tool, but they also provide safety and cleanliness benefits for your employees and customers. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through choosing the perfect commercial floor mat with a logo for your business. Get ready to elevate your brand image and improve workplace safety simultaneously!

What to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Floor Mat

When it comes to choosing a commercial floor mat with a logo, there are several factors you need to consider. Think about the primary purpose of your mat – is it mainly for cleaning dirt and moisture off shoes? Or do you need something more heavy-duty that can withstand frequent foot traffic?

Next, take into account the size and shape of your chosen location. Do you require a mat covering an entire entrance area or just a small section by the door? It’s crucial to pick a size that will fit seamlessly into your space without causing any tripping hazards.

Another important factor is material type. Depending on the intended use of your floor mats, certain materials may be better suited than others. For example, rubber mats may be ideal if you’re looking for maximum durability and slip resistance in wet conditions.

Last but certainly not least important is design aesthetic. Your custom logo should blend in well with other aspects of your brand image while still being eye-catching enough to make an impact on customers walking through your doors. Take some time to consider which colors and designs would best represent your business identity!

Logo options

When choosing a commercial floor mat with a logo, one of the essential factors to consider is the logo design itself. You want your logo to be eye-catching, easily recognizable, and appropriate for your business. There are several options available when it comes to selecting the correct type of logo for your mat.

You can have your company’s name printed onto the mat in a bold font that matches your branding. This option is great if you want to keep things simple yet effective.

Alternatively, you can opt for an image or symbol representing what your business does or stands for. For example, if you own a restaurant, you could include an image of food or cutlery on the mat.

Another popular choice is to print your company name and an image together on the floor mat. This approach allows for more creativity in terms of design and gives customers a clear idea of what kind of business they’re walking into.

No matter which option you choose, ensure it accurately reflects your brand and makes a statement about who you are as a business!

How to Determine Your Logo Size

When choosing a commercial floor mat with a logo, determining the right size of your logo is crucial. You want your logo to be visible and easily recognizable by customers without overwhelming or taking up too much space.

Consider the size of your entrance and how far away customers will be from your floor mat. The larger the entrance, the larger you can make your logo. However, a smaller logo might work better if customers are standing very close to the mat.

Consider whether you want just one large logo or several smaller ones on your mat. If multiple logos are desired, ensure they don’t overlap and maintain their visibility.

Take into account any text or additional imagery that will accompany your logo on the floor mat. Ensure all elements work together cohesively so that everything looks clear and precise.

By considering these factors when determining your logo size for commercial floor mats with logos, you’ll create an impactful design that enhances brand recognition in any business setting.

How to Order a Custom Floor Mat

Ordering a custom floor mat with your logo is easy once you have all the necessary information. You must decide on the mat size and where it will be placed in your business. Next, select a material that is durable and appropriate for your needs.

Once you have chosen these details, it’s time to choose a color scheme and design for your logo. Make sure your logo is high-resolution and in vector format to be printed clearly onto the mat.

When ordering a custom floor mat, provide all necessary information, including contact details, shipping address, size requirements, and additional specifications or requests.

It’s important to note that minimum order quantities may be required depending on the supplier. Be sure to ask about this before placing an order so you are not surprised by any unexpected costs or delays.

Ordering a custom floor mat with your logo can add professionalism and brand awareness to your business while providing practical benefits such as safety and cleanliness.


Choosing the right commercial floor mat with a logo for your business is an important decision that should be taken seriously. By considering factors such as material, size, and logo design options, you can ensure that your chosen floor mat will effectively serve its purpose while promoting your brand.

Remember to consider the foot traffic your business receives when selecting a material. A durable, slip-resistant option like rubber or vinyl may be best for high-traffic areas.

When it comes to logo design options, consider simple and intricate designs to find what works best for your brand. And remember to measure carefully before ordering a custom mat!

By following these guidelines and working with a trusted supplier of commercial floor mats with logos, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ve made the right choice for your business.