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Books for Men on Marriage

Don’t be shy, books on marriage are for guys. It is well-known that women love connecting with people and are naturally good at it. Women love to snuggle up and read with their men. But what about guys? How can men have a better, more loving relationship with their spouse without spending years in therapy?

The best marriage advice and marital counselling are based on wisdom gleaned from others who have seen, studied, and improved marriages over the years. That research, observation, and discoveries is the foundation of many marriage books. By utilizing this valuable information, both husband and wife can build a happy marriage book for husband.

One encouraging sign is the large number of books published in 2007 by experts in the field. Dr. John Gottman and Julie Gottman are the authors of “Ten Lessons to Transform a Marriage.” John Gottman has spent over 20 years studying the dynamics of marriages through his “love lab”. This is where he observes how people relate to each other during communication. He has become so adept at watching couples interact, he can tell in just five minutes, with a 90% plus accuracy, if a couple will divorce.

Dr. Gottman tells the tales of ten married couples and the lessons we can learn from them. These chapters cover topics such as overwork and affairs, insufficient talking, being distant, irritable, and passion, and many other subjects. “Seven Principles for Making Marriage Successful” is the foundational text by the Gottmans. This book helps married couples understand one another and create a loving relationship.

Gary Chapman’s marriage relationship books may be a good choice for Christians who are married. The Five Love Languages by Dr. Chapman is the best-selling work of his. It depicts five different ways people experience being loved and how that they expect to feel loved. These five languages include receiving gifts and acts of services, kind or encouraging words (kind or encouraging words), quality time and touch. Every woman is different so a husband might want kind words, but his wife may prefer to get gifts. If you’re able to identify what your partner needs, then give it to him/her in the way that suits his/her preference.

The Four Seasons of Marriage was the latest book published by Dr. Chapman in 2007. It describes all phases of marriage that husbands or wives will encounter throughout their lives. Let’s face truth: As time passes, things change. Is your marriage in Spring or Summer mode What about fall and winter? This book can help. Here are seven strategies to strengthen and improve your Christian marriage.

Robert Mark Alt’s “Good Husband, Great Marriage” might be the best book to “tell it as it is”. Robert Alter, a counsellor for marriage couples, has discovered that men can have a significant impact on the success or failure of a marriage. It is not surprising, as men are not taught how to relate in complementary ways. This book is written for men by a man who had to learn this the hard-way. Jane, his wife was the one who taught him to love her and respect her. This book is easy to understand, and it has many humor stories. The chapters average two to three pages each and have an action plan at the end. This book will help you to build the marriage you desire.

The key to finding the right book for you is the one that will make your life easy. Read a marriage books today.